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See Patients On Your Own Terms

Easily add a private pay telehealth program to your practice and expand your practice’s reach virtually.
See patients on your terms and protect your independence with this easy to deploy virtual medicine system.



Telemedicine is the single fastest growing sector in healthcare today. Is your practice ready to meet the demands of a new type of post-COVID consumer? We connect vitality-minded patients with doctors and practices just like yours. Let’s get started today.


Treat your patients where they want to be treated. Add a private-pay telemedicine option to your practice and propel your growth by offering the same level of care online that you do in person. Grow your practice beyond your zip or area code by giving patients a digital, end-to-end treatment option from the Doctor and format they trust and want.



By automating the prescription process, you and your team can focus on less on paperwork and processing and more on the health and wellbeing of your patients.

How It Works


Become A VitalityConnect Provider

Getting started is easy. Simply sign up and we’ll work with you to create a schedule, coach you on the platform and show you how you can easily use Vitality Connect to treat your existing patients.

Connect With VitalityConnect Patients

Once you’re live on the platform, your patients will begin scheduling appointments with you. Meet with patients virtually, take vitals and prescribe treatments easily and securely from the comfort of your home or office.

Handle Consultations and Follow-Ups Virtually

You handle the consultations and the follow-ups; we’ll handle the backend logistics and shipping. Quickly add both a telehealth platform and a business-in-a-box solution for protecting a solo practitioner’s or small practice’s independence.

What Providers Are Saying

  • They’ve created a comprehensive platform so that doctors can easily connect with potential patients who have already shown interest and have received helpful information prior to the consult. By the time we call them, they’re typically already set and excited to get started.

    Dr. Sloan
  • As a cardiologist, my practice is dedicated to helping as many people live well as possible. With Vitality Connect, I’m no longer limited to just a single zip or area code. I can diagnose and prescribe treatments that they receive them right in the mail. It’s been great.

    Dr. Kahn
  • Trying to chase after leads is fine, but having my leads call me for services that I can provide over a video call was a literal game changer for my practice.

    Dr. Heywood