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We’re a team of marketing experts who build successful anti-aging brands and drive global consumer awareness. We do this by actively listening to our audience, highlighting the benefits of our treatments, and crafting engaging content.
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In just 18 months, our premiere brand, GAINSWave® has caught the attention of top healthcare experts and major media publications, and become the leader in shockwave therapy for the treatment of ED.

Hundreds of providers nationwide are implementing this turnkey solution and creating an additional revenue stream for their practices. They are growing exponentially and experiencing the financial freedom they have always desired. GAINSWave offers:

  • Shockwave therapy for ED
  • Nationwide consumer demand
  • Patented methodology
  • Marketing resources & support
  • Community of medical experts
  • Turnkey business solution

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Phoenix Pro

The all-new Phoenix Pro is the most effective, at-home device for optimizing male bedroom performance. This innovative technology completely alters the way patients and providers approach bedroom effectiveness by providing positive outcomes that are demonstrably and recognizably superior to any other at-home treatment for ED and sexual performance.

For providers, the Phoenix Pro allows a means for targeting overlooked or underserved patient markets with a novel, modest treatment that can provide substantial relief from the effects of ED or poor sexual health. When used in combination with the GAINSWave protocol, the Phoenix Pro can improve the treatment’s efficacy and reduce the time it takes for patients to experience positive outcomes.

Put simply, the Phoenix Pro gives providers the tools to stay at the forefront of their markets while simultaneously providing a service that meets your patient’s next-generation needs.

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